Embark for Brokers

Pre-qualify your clients & get faster mortgage decisions, with digital client data and document collection

How it works:

Collect all of the information needed to pre-qualify your client for a mortgage decision quickly and efficiently

Accessible to all and easy-to-use. Intuitive software designed by developers who are also experts in user experience.

Can be used by the broker over the phone or sent by email / SMS for the client to self-serve prior to the first meeting

Paperless EID verification instantly confirms client identity

Satisfies the needs of the client for a simple, stress-free process

Key features

  • Interactive and supportive – the Live Chat function offers help at each stage throughout the journey
  • Customisable – Embark is modular so you can take only the steps you need to fit into your existing process.
  • Instant access to credit report data provides a full client credit history in minutes
  • Full reporting suite – Pipeline reporting to manage client journey and insight reporting to measure experience and outcomes
  • Open Banking – provides full bank statement information for a 12 month period
  • Full API – seamless integration with existing systems
  • Document upload – your client can send photographs of all important information in one place

“Clever Mortgages provides a comprehensive range of mortgages and protection, but specialises in working with those who have bad credit, debt or other more difficult areas. Embark by Paylink Solutions drastically reduces the turnaround time of the application process for us and customers, which means we can provide more products to more people, without the need for additional resource. It’s reliable, quick and provides us with the exact information we need to identify a customers, assess their affordability and determine which are the most suitable products based on their circumstances.”

Sam Kirtikar,
Managing Director of Clever Mortgages

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