Embark for Lenders

Instantly understand a client’s affordability to find the most suitable loan product for them

How it works:

Collect all of the information needed to pre-qualify your client for a lending decision quickly and efficiently

Sophisticated categorisation engine allows you to match your clients to the most suitable product for them

Accessible to all and easy-to-use. Intuitive software designed by developers who are also experts in user experience.

Paper-less EID verification instantly confirms client identity

Satisfies the needs of the client for a simple, stress-free process

Key features

  • Interactive and supportive – the Live Chat function offers help at each stage throughout the journey
  • Instant access to credit report data provides a full client credit history in minutes
  • Open Banking – provides full bank statement information for a 12 month period
  • Document upload – the client can send photographs of all important information in one place
  • Customisable – Embark is modular so you can take only the steps you need to fit into your existing process.
  • Full reporting suite – Pipeline reporting to manage customer journey and customer insight reporting to measure experience and outcomes
  • Full API – seamless integration with existing systems