Embark for Mortgages and Lending

Paperless mortgage and loan applications with seamless online customer journeys and accurate data capture

Why Embark for mortgage brokers, networks and financial advisors?

Embark is secure cloud-based software which provides mortgage brokers, networks and financial advisors a solution for collecting the data required to make quick decisions on which mortgage products are right  for customers.

Customers can digitally upload any supporting information needed to progress their applications instantly. Combining Open Banking and Credit Bureau data feeds means you can instantly access everything required to progress applications to the next stage.

All you and your customers need to use Embark is a device and Internet connection. There is no software to install and no complicated set-up process.

Embark can be integrated with your existing CRM system, fully customised, and used as a standalone application or incorporated into an existing website.

Mortgage brokers and financial advisors

Embark gives you the option to carry-out a fact-find over the phone, or you can send customers a secure link enabling them to complete the journey in their own time. All financial information can be submitted online without the need for unnecessary paperwork.

Mortgage networks

Give your network the edge by providing brokers with a powerful affordability and credit check tool, which allows members to make quick decisions based on their customers’ individual financial circumstances.

Instant credit scores, less paperwork, more completions

Embark’s access to leading credit reference agencies means customers’ credit data can be accessed instantly – and you can immediately assess their affordability.

By the time you meet with your customers you will have been able to make an informed decision about the best lenders to approach for their mortgage applications.

Securely send, access and use bank statements

Open Banking technology means customers can directly access their digital bank statements – without leaving their journey with you.

Alternatively they can submit all documents to you electronically, or upload them via a drag-and-drop tool.

Fast and accurate income and expenditure review

Embark’s powerful and automatic categorisation feature means that completing customers’ income and expenditure reviews has never been so easy. Quicker and more informed decisions can be made – improving the process for agents and customers.

Secure and fully compliant

It is an FCA requirement to make sure your customers can afford their repayments now and in the future. Embark enables you to make fast decisions about affordability and the most suitable solutions.

Who’s behind Embark?

Embark is powered by Paylink Solutions, a software development business, which delivers end-to-end digital affordability platforms and payment services for the financial services sector.

Part of the Totemic Group of companies, Paylink Solutions has grown from providing in-house IT solutions – supporting and enhancing existing business processes – to delivering secure, reliable software solutions across a range of financial services.

Paylink Solutions specialises in data capture products that enable customers to return information quickly and accurately.

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