Support FAQ

Forgot your password?

1. Select “Forgotten password?” on the Embark log in screen to reset your password.
2. Enter your username (email address or mobile number).
3. An on-screen confirmation will appear prompting you to go to your email inbox.
4. In your email inbox, an email containing a unique link will appear.
5. Click on the option to ‘Reset My Passphrase.’ This will take you to another screen where you can create a new password.

Found a bug or technical issue?

Our team is dedicated to monitoring Embark for errors that are encountered on the platform. But if you see something else that you think needs fixing, just email and we will look in to it.

Need to add a new user to Embark?

1. Navigate to the ‘Users’ tab at the top of the screen
2. Add the user’s name and set their username (email address)
3. Create a standard password that meets the password criterion
4. The new user will be sent an email containing a unique link to access their Embark portal

Support for Embark users

If you have any problems accessing your account, contact our support team.

What do I need to use Embark?

All you need to use Embark is a device and Internet connection. There is no software to install and no complicated set-up process.

What is Embark?

Embark is a secure solution for collecting customer data that is fast, complete and accurate.
Customers can digitally upload any supporting information needed. Combining Open Banking and Credit Bureau data feeds means you can instantly access everything you need.