Regulatory Disclosures

Paylink Solutions Limited Governance

Paylink Solutions Limited (Paylink) is committed to firm-wide governance and a risk management framework that is appropriate to the nature, scale, and complexity of the business.

To assist Paylink in fulfilling its responsibilities an organisational structure is in place which manages risks across the business. Responsibilities for managing risks are allocated to:

  • Business functions which retain primary responsibility for managing risks and operating an effective suite of internal controls;
  • Risk & Compliance, Legal, and Information Security. These functions are tasked with the ongoing development and delivery of the risk management framework and provide guidance and challenge as appropriate;
  • Internal Audit function is responsible for providing the Board with independent assurance around the management of risk and internal control assurance.

The framework above is governed and structured through a variety of tools that assist employees in understanding their responsibilities.

The governance process in place ensures that appropriate risks and/or events are identified and escalated in a timely fashion. Where a risk is deemed to pose a significant threat to Paylink’s clients or strategic objectives, it will be escalated to the Paylink Board. The Board then delegates certain activities to the Risk Board which reports back in respect of these activities.


Our Approach

Acting honestly, fairly and complying with applicable laws and regulations is core to Paylink’s ethical standards.


Summary of Paylink Complaints process

Paylink strives to provide the best customer experience, placing our customers first with the aim of providing a first class service. In line with this, Paylink takes and will continue to take all complaints from its customers very seriously.

Any customer wishing to raise an issue as a formal complaint should follow our complaints process which is defined within our customer contracts and customer support processes. Please note that only complaints received from Paylink’s customers will be subject to this process.  Any complaints received from underlying individual customers will be forwarded to our customers’ own complaints departments to deal with through their complaints management policies.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]