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Cookie Policy

Cookie Information

We want to provide a positive website experience for our visitors to the Paylink website so that our online services are easy to use, helpful and reliable.

In order to facilitate this we use an extremely common internet marketing technique that involves placing small amounts of information on your computer’s hard drive (or mobile phone or other device) by the server that hosts the Paylink website. These small amounts of information are text files called cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are pieces of information that are stored on the hard drive of your browsing device (e.g. your computer) to enable you to interact with a website in the most efficient way.

Cookies are usually small text files saved onto your computer’s memory; they cannot be used to identify you personally, not can any cookie used by the Paylink website harm the performance of your computer, as they are only pieces of text (and not a program that can be infected with a virus).

Cookies cannot ‘read’ anything on your hard drive or ‘capture’ your email address or ‘steal’ any other information about you that might be stored on your hard drive.

While we recommend that you accept the use of cookies because they are necessary for us to provide the best website viewing experience, it is possible for you to decide to prevent our ability to save cookies to your hard drive. We explain how to prevent the use of cookies below.

Please be aware that restricting or preventing cookies may result in an adverse impact on the functionality of the Paylink website, as well as any other websites you may visit.

How do we use cookies?

Paylink use a number of different cookies on the Paylink website for various reasons as outlined below, but we do not collect any personally identifiable information about you via cookies.

Paylink may make use of cookies to help provide a better experience while a user is browsing our website such as:
  • Measuring how many people are using each different part of the Paylink website, so the way we present our online information can be analysed.
  • Analysing data to help us understand how you use the Paylink website so we can improve it.
Why do Paylink use cookies?We use cookies to enhance website visitors’ experience as follows:
  1. We may use cookies that allow us to note which pages of the Paylink website are visited by people who browse through the website. This is particularly helpful for us at Paylink, because it allows us to ‘track’ visitors to our site and see which pages are visited, as well as log any page errors you might encounter. These cookies do not collect any personal information that could identify any individual visitor to our website.
  2. We may use cookies that are linked to third parties such as Twitter, Facebook and Google, and (when a link is clicked) may then subsequently be used by those organisations to pass information about your browsing to other marketing agencies. These marketing agencies may then place advertising that you may be interested in as a result of the third party optimisation cookie placed on your computer’s hard drive by Paylink’s web server.

How to prevent the use of cookies

If you decide that you want to restrict or prevent the use of cookies on all websites, then the actions you need to take will depend on the browser that you use to view web pages.

We recommend that you look at the allaboutcookies website, as this site can explain in clear, step-by-step terms how you can restrict or prevent cookies depending on which browser you are using.

We do stress that cookies will enhance your experience of the Paylink website, and they pose no threat to your computer or confidentiality at all.

If you or someone you know have any difficulty accessing our website please contact us by filling out the form at the following link: