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Enabling customers to pursue their financial objectives

At the heart of Embark’s platform is our customer affordability assessment tool. The initial information entered by a customer or agent generates an income and expenditure questionnaire tailored to their specific circumstances.
Payment Proposal Mobile


Embark is the ideal solution for the collections industry. By providing an intelligent framework for communication between your staff and customers.
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Customer data informs lending decisions. To create arrangements, our clients require accurate information, organised with precision.
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With facing the increasing pressure of keeping rates low. Use Embark to cut application time, create safer financial agreements.
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Arrears Prevention

Businesses are making use of Embark’s industry-leading self-service solution to support customers struggling with the rising cost of living.

Personal loans, made more personal

Paylink has already helped over one million UK customers embrace their true expenses and access the best free help for their circumstances. ReFi now utilises our deep industry expertise, payment technologies, banking systems and regulatory permissions, to benefit borrowers looking to ReFinance their existing debts.
Accept target customers
Target customers who have passed creditworthiness and income sufficiency and stability checks.
Build brand advocacy
Build brand advocacy from the customers who they help to improve their financial health.
Act as a concierge service

Customers will save time and reduce hassle of dealing with multiple financial insinuations.

Lower fraud
Customers who use ReFi to pay creditors directly are less likely to be fraudsters.
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Refi Text Notification
ReFi Please Provide Us With Your Lender
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Experts within the field

We test our products rigorously, in-house, before offering them to the wider market. We also understand the crucial role that regulators play in our industry. As well as being regulated by the FCA ourselves, we make sure that all of our platforms are developed in strict adherence to the rules set out to regulate the industry in which it will be used.

When you combine expertise, fair mindedness and, tireless dedication to customer experience; the result is a company which showcases the very best that modern financial technology has to offer. 

Expertise & Experience

Developed by a team with over 20 years of industry experience, building solutions to meet the needs of every business that we encounter.


Software tailored to fit your business, from branding to compatibility. Build your customer journey with our expansive range of plug-in features.

Security & Compliance

A range of hosting solutions, including Amazon Web Services, so you can manage all data in a controlled, secure and customised virtual network.


Expert trainers ensure you and your agents get the most out of our products. Whatever you’re looking to achieve, our team will help create the solution.