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Fintech Paylink Solutions launches new website to coincide with release of next generation Embark affordability software

It’s an exciting time for fintech Paylink Solutions, who has recently launched not only the next generation of its market-proven affordability software, but a new website too.

Paylink Solutions is the UK’s most experienced provider of customer affordability software. From industries including lending to collections right through to utilities, Paylink’s flagship product Embark helps create intuitive and automated customer journeys.

As one of the most widely-used digital I&E platforms in the marketplace, Paylink’s Embark assists thousands of customers with their finances every day. As the cost-of-living crisis rumbles on, there’s never been a greater need to ensure customers struggling with rising costs have access to technology which helps them get their finances back on track – and through Embark, customers are able to access free debt advice through Paylink’s sister company, national debt advice provider, PayPlan, via live chat or request a call back with the affordability data passed through. 

To put this into perspective, we have the statistics to back this up:

  • More than 60,000 I&E’s are completed every month across our client base   
  • Through Embark, more than 6,000 customers access free debt advice every month
  • More than 100,000 digital I&E’s have been completed using Embark’s integrated open banking
  • Roughly 75% of customers are now self-serving their affordability
  • Our client, Zopa, saw a 262% increase in customer engagement within the first three months of using Embark

The next generation of Embark has seen a number of new features introduced, including a new multi-tenancy aspect for clients with multiple brands – or products – to provide them with a single I&E that can intelligently adapt to the client’s specific branding and product configurations. It also boasts intelligent wrap-around features such as a Chatbot, Open Banking, access to credit reference data and a Benefits Calculator.

Further to this, it’s equipped with an improved user interface with low code development and the ability to provide even greater data insights to help better inform operational decisions.

Embark has market-proven experience of heavily reducing operating costs, increasing customer engagement rates and significantly decreasing customer drop-off.

The fintech’s new website is now live, breaking down everything Paylink has to offer to the financial services and utilities industries across the UK. 

At the heart of its new website is the ‘Build My Embark’ feature, a tool to get a free demo – based specifically on what an organisation requires from the affordability software.

On the website, the features of Embark are broken down into a variety of digestible categories to help visitors understand the product, while its ‘Embark For You’ feature details how Embark works specifically within different environments such as collections, lending and utilities. 

There’s also a dedicated page looking at how Embark can help organisations identify customers before they fall into arrears, to help mitigate the number of people finding themselves in financial difficulty in the current economy. 

You can access the new website here

About Paylink Solutions

Paylink Solutions builds multi-award-winning digital affordability solutions for the collections, lending and utilities markets.

After solely providing in-house IT services to sister company and free debt advice provider, PayPlan, for more than years, Paylink Solutions now delivers digital applications to more than 20 UK lenders and utilities providers – helping thousands of customers every day.