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Paylink Solutions CEO listed on Credit 500 Index

1st April 2022.

Our CEO, Susan Rann, has been featured on the new Credit 500, an index of the most influential people in consumer and commercial credit in 2022.

During a time of economic uncertainty, Susan used her knowledge of lending, collections, debt advice and fintech to evolve Paylink Solutions’ multichannel solution from debt advice to an end-to-end decisioning and account management product – and adapting to increased demand for self-service from customers.

Put together by Credit Strategy, the new index was announced at yesterday’s Credit Summit and the final selection follows an extensive research and selection process over several months.

To create the finalised index, Credit Strategy researched the individuals holding the roles with influence over regulation, risk policy, conduct and financial assistance across financial services, utilities, telecoms and the public sector.

They also considered the achievements of individuals described in hundreds of award entries, speakers and cross-industry activity which reflected the agendas, activity and successes they’d led during the past year.

The Credit 500 is updated annually to ensure the index remains a current and accurate reflection of the most notable personalities. Those who are entered into the Credit 500 will also be recognised in a Hall of Fame, preserving their recognition for years to come.

Simon Lyons from Open Banking said of Susan: “Open Banking is about adoption and user cases. Susan’s done something which has addressed both needs. By recognising adoption was as much about call agents as it was about consumers, Susan enabled Open Banking assessment to be successful.

“The proof is the figures – 60% of respondents using Open Banking in the assessment flow has generated many benefits for the client and body requesting. The efforts Susan and her team have made shows when we approach Open Banking as part of the solution and counter the challenges, many benefits can be realised. It’s an example of how to do it right.”

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