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Paylink Solutions’ digital I&E platform tailored to support users with low numeracy levels

Embark, Paylink Solutions’ award-winning digital income and expenditure (I&E) platform, has been reviewed and improved by an Accredited Plain Numbers Practitioner to support users with low numeracy skills.

Plain Numbers enable organisations to better support their customers who struggle with numbers. Their approach involves implementing carefully chosen, seemingly small changes that generate substantial increases in the number of people who understand the information that they are presented with. 

It’s built on insight from supporting people who struggle with numbers, psychology and behavioural science and has been validated by this independent research. Data from Plain Numbers shows their practice doubles the number of customers who understand what the organisation is communicating, supporting customers no matter their numeracy level.

The development of Embark, one of the most widely-used digital I&E platforms in the marketplace, comes after government plans to set up a review of maths in England – as nearly half (49%) of the working adult population are believed to have numeracy skills of primary school-aged children. 

Andrew Alder, Director of Developments and Partnerships at Paylink Solutions, said: “As the cost-of-living crisis rumbles on, there’s never been a greater need to ensure customers struggling with rising costs understand their finances and have access to technology that’s easy to use, especially when figures and numbers are involved, which is why we’ve put our Plain Numbers training into practice.” 

Connor Thompson, Senior Marketing Executive at Paylink Solutions and Accredited Plain Numbers Practitioner, said: “Plain Numbers training has changed my outlook when writing and designing communications for our clients and, subsequently, their customers. Through Plain Numbers training we’ll be able to ensure our communications are engaging, effective and easily digestible no matter the numeracy level of the reader.”