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KYC (know your customer) technology integrated within Embark

We’ve partnered with leading customer onboarding specialist, HooYu, to enable faster decisions for our broker and lender clients.

HooYu uses know your customer (KYC) technology that allows clients to confirm the identity of their customers in a much more robust, compliant and secure way.

The time taken to get a borrower through KYC will now be reduced from a process that could take days, down to a smooth digital journey that takes just a few minutes.

After integrating providers such as Experian, TransUnion and Credit Kudos, to our collections and lending products, we listened to client feedback that suggested using KYC technology to enhance the quality of the lending journey and enable faster lending decisions.

Richard Healey, Product Development Director at Paylink Solutions said, “After taking time to understand our clients’ needs, we learnt that there was a need to further digitalise the lending journey, especially when it comes to broker driven lending. Now lenders and brokers can deploy the HooYu journey via Embark to speed the customer through to the decision.”        

HooYu has developed customised journeys for brokers and lenders and has now been integrated into Embark. The technology triggers customisable HooYu UI that’s presented to borrowers with a range of KYC steps such as liveness detection, facial biometrics, ID document validation, proof of address matching, geolocation and identity confidence scoring.

David Pope, Marketing Director at HooYu said, “Many lenders are struggling to build a consistent KYC process across their direct and their broker channels.  The Embark and HooYu integration gives lenders the control of the KYC tools that they want to see used for each application and it also makes sure that the lender or broker branding is consistently applied during the KYC journey.”