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We’re named among ‘technologies speeding up the new client process’

Paylink Solutions was named in good company, when the FT Adviser listed the software firm as a Future Development in a list of technologies speeding up the new client process.

Paylink’s Embark product is the driving force behind gathering information in the adviser-focused technology space. Lenders, collectors and brokers can easily carry out affordability assessments for customers, as Embark allows clients to seamlessly upload credit reports and important information into a database that is used to form income and expenditure documentation.

The FT Adviser said:

Totemic Group’s software subsidiary Paylink is testing the use of an information gathering product for use in the lending sector, including mortgage advisers, according to chief executive, Philip Rann.

The service will allow clients to upload bank statements, credit reports and other relevant information into a database that is then used to populate income and expenditure documents.

It is also designed to connect with a range of other client management systems, “creating a huge time save”, Mr Rann says.

As lockdown and social distancing measures continue to reshape society, advisers will have to adapt and adopt new technologies and new ways of working. Fortunately, the options are plentiful.

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