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Paylink Solutions and Inbest enter exciting new partnership to help customers across the UK access £16bn worth of unclaimed benefits

Paylink Solutions has entered into an exciting new partnership with benefits digital solution provider, Inbest, to deliver precise information to customers about benefits and social funding. 

Over 8 million households in the UK are currently missing out on benefits worth £16bn. The most common reason for this is that people are either unaware of benefits they’re entitled to – or they assume they’re not eligible. 

This partnership means that every single customer completing a budget through Paylink’s Embark software will automatically know what they’re entitled to when it comes to benefits, grants, and social funding, and they can access all the information they need, simply, in one place.

As funding is regularly changing and new initiatives to support the cost of living are being introduced, Inbest accesses the latest information to ensure an accurate reflection of eligibility is always provided.

The benefit amount will automatically update within Embark, with both the customer and the agent able to see the benefit figure. This, of course, is subject to the client wanting the agent as well as the customer to see the figure.

For Paylink clients, who make up some of the UK’s leading financial services organisations, the new integration will fit seamlessly into existing digital journeys, significantly improving customer outcomes, and providing a great tool for agents to help their customers, particularly those who are vulnerable. 

“Benefit applications are overly complex and require vulnerable customers to search for financial information in their bank statements,” said Paylink Solutions CEO Susan Rann. 

“Through our new partnership with Inbest, we’ll take the pain away from this process, ensuring the most up-to-date information is being provided to our clients and their customers to create the best possible financial outcomes.  We’re absolutely committed to improving the financial wellbeing and resilience of UK households.

“The timing has never been more crucial as we continue to face a cost-of-living crisis and rising interest rates.”

To find out more how Paylink Solutions will be utilising the Inbest solution, contact the team at, or visit their website for the latest updates.