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Paylink Solutions seeks finance industry’s thoughts on persistent debt

We’ve launched our first ever Credit Nation survey with Credit Today, which is set to take stock of key issues in the credit industry among practitioners.#

The aim is to kickstart a regular review of the credit industry to assess where the industry has come from, where it is now and, most importantly, where it’s going.

We want to find out what the financial services industry thinks of the FCA’s recent moves to help customers who are deemed to be in Persistent Debt.

Our CEO Susan Rann said: “The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has recently introduced new rules to help credit card customers who are thought to be in persistent debt.

“This new initiative by the regulator involves contacting people who have only been paying the minimum amount every month on their credit cards and subsequently not likely to ever repay the full amount.

“Credit card providers have been instructed to put measures in place to find out whether these customers can increase their payments – or if this isn’t possible, offer them a more suitable solution.

“This is a very interesting move by the FCA, which not only affects customers, but also credit card providers – both operationally and financially.”

We need your help!

If you’re in the financial services industry, we’d really appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete our survey below and let us know your thoughts on persistent debt and how it has affected your business and customers.

“We need data, stats, information, comment and opinion to shape our industry for the future and we hope you can help,” said publishing director Gerard Dugdill “There’s never been a more exciting time to plot our future course. We want to be and will be world class.”

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