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The Paylink Solutions team get together for Vitality Week

14th April 2022.

Throughout our lives, we spend a lot of time at work, so it’s important our workplace is somewhere people want to be. That’s why we launched Vitality Week, to shine a light on our team and ensure we’re supporting their wellbeing in the best way we can.

Cue March, and the launch of our very first Vitality Week, which was made up of special days each dedicated to a different aspect of health and wellbeing.

We created this week to offer some extra streams of support to our team, with a variety of free sessions and activities put on throughout the week to support them.

Financial, emotional, social, physical and mental health were the themes of the week, with a series of seminars available covering topics such as menopause awareness, mental health and financial wellbeing.

In addition to this, a lot of focus has been on strengthening our existing policies, such as safeguarding, and introducing new policies into the business. We’ve also introduced Mental Health First Aiders throughout the business to further support the team in their wellbeing.

Mike Lynn-Jones, People Director of Paylink Solutions, said: “Throughout the pandemic our team has been all systems go – and this isn’t stopping any time soon with the rising cost of living continuing to create demand for our technology to support people struggling with their debts.

“Vitality Week is all about putting the spotlight back on our team and ensuring they feel supported with their overall wellbeing which in turn supports the motivational and supportive culture of the Paylink environment. We’re really pleased with the feedback we’ve received from the team and will continue to dedicate weeks to them throughout the year and beyond.”